Kiwi As

Our fresh fish is from the pristine waters of NZ. We source our ingredients from local sources where possible. We are a 100% Kiwi-owned shop.
“Number 8 wire mentality”: we make certain food items (triple-cooked potato chips, triple-cooked kumara chips, cookie-crumbed mars bars, vegan gravy) that are not only unique to our shop in NZ but also on the world stage.

Fresh As

Your fish and chips are cooked when you order it. We only serve fresh fish! We make our own fresh hand-cut chips (both potato and kumara).

Yum As

We make much of our food on site. We make our own batter daily. We make our own triple-cooked hand-cut chips (both potato and kumara). We make our own tartare, aioli, and burger sauces. We make our own British mushy peas, British curry sauce, and gravy.

Healthy As

We have Grilled fish options. We make our own salads. We use high-oleic sunflower oil.

Sustainable As

Our deep-frying oil is cleaned and filtered daily; we also recycle our waste oil. Most of our packaging is recyclable or compostable which allows for responsible disposable. We have composting initiatives in place to reduce what goes into our landfill. The cleaning products we use in our kitchen are all Eco Friendly; this is to reduce our impact on our environment.