Viva: Where To Find The Best Fish & Chips In Auckland

Mt Eden-dwellers need not worry about lack of proximity to a beach — The Ancient Mariner on Mt Eden Road brings the ocean to the suburbs with a delicious menu of classics, including potato and kumara chips, gourmet burgers and a host of familiar sides.

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This fish and chippery’s (The Mariner) reputation is known far and wide.

The Urbanlist: Here’s Where To Find The Best Fish And Chips In Auckland

The most famous chippie in the village, The Mariner can do no wrong in our eyes.

Stuff: Where to find Auckland’s best fish and chips

Ask anyone in Auckland where to source the finest fish and chips and The Mariner will likely be among the answers. Heaving with the freshest catch, serving hearty thick-cut chips…

Albert-Eden Business Awards winners for 2020

Winner – “The Mariner” under the “Hospitality – Non-Licensed” category.

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The Mariner is an Auckland-based fish and chips shop. Its fish is sourced from local fisherman vendors in New Zealand guaranteeing its prime quality.

View Auckland: Best Fish and Chips in Auckland

The Mariner is located in Mount Eden, Auckland, and is a kiwi owned fish shop. Their fresh fish is from the pristine waters of NZ and source their ingredients from local sources where possible.

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…there is a beacon of light! The Ancient Mariner has got our backs, as they make home-made fries and home-made mushy peas! Rejoice!

The Guardian: Neil Finn on Auckland

“Buy fish and chips and climb Mount Eden. Get your food at The Ancient Mariner and head up the nearby hill (Maungawhau in Maori).”

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The City of Sails offers world-class dining in most cuisines and for all budgets. The Ancient Mariner offers a fun menu of fresh-caught fish, chips, burgers, and even a bottle of Gingerella for after all that salt.

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When you’ve got bigger fish to fry, look to The Ancient Mariner. Priding themselves on sourcing only the freshest fish direct from New Zealand waters, you know it’s going to be next-level.

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Fewer meals scream ‘Kiwi’ like fish and chips. However, classic battered fish with deep-fried chips isn’t always the easiest meal to perfect on a menu.

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For some real authentic Kiwi style fish and chips, you really cannot beat The Ancient Mariner.

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Good fish and chip shop based in Mt Eden.  They only use fresh fish for their fish and chips.